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Sand Casting From Recycled Metal

A talented group of young Kenyans from different and diverse backgrounds, who make a wide range of products all from recycled metals. 

Recycling is at the core of this little companies business model. The entire process from start to finish involves and includes the use of recycled materials.

Scrap metal, including old wheel rims, pistons, engine blocks are collected in the shanty areas of Nairobi. This scrap is then melted down in a home made furnace powered by waste engine oil, collected from ‘Jua Kali’ mechanic who work in and around Nairobi.

Even the crucible used to melt the metal down is made from recycled compressor units from old refrigerators. The moulds are made from sand, again a bi-product of the glass industry where silica has been extracted to make glass and the rest is discarded. This sand is collected and mixed with molasses as a binder. A wonderful and inspiring project with some great products!

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